Picture Framing Experts

How we framed powerhouse photographer Norman Seeff’s photographs.


If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of Elte Carpets, it is an absolute treat. When we were approached by the design store giant, we were excited to say the least. website host information . THEN when they told us that we’d be framing a series of photographs by Norman Seeff we were literally jumping out of our seats to get started.


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5 Reasons to Custom Frame your Mirrors!


We’ve all gone through a version of this, looked for that very specific, 4.5” wide, red lacquered mirror in exactly 24.5”x63” size. Ok possibly not that combination, but you can see where I’m coming from. There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting 5 full days of shopping only to find your near perfect mirror in the wrong size.


Then out of sheer curiosity (or a skeptical acceptance of a referral from a friend), you end up at a framing shop only to realize that building a mirror from scratch is a heck of a lot easier than you originally thought.

So why come to a custom framer?

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our new blog and website!


We thought we’d start by introducing ourselves. For those of you who are already familiar with us, welcome to our new look 🙂

We are FrameMakers International, the custom picture framing experts. Being a custom picture framer to the trade, meaning we work mostly with designers, art consultants, artists, photographers as well as the general public.

Why make the trip to see us? Well, with over 4000 moulding samples to choose from, we can ensure that you find the right frame to suit your style and budget. Whether you bring your clients or your parents, we will always give you the utmost personal attention and involve you in the design process. We’d like to hear what you have in mind. 

Did I mention that our professional staff are highly experienced with handling artwork? They will pay the utmost attention to ensuring your art stays safe and is handled properly. Leave here knowing that your artwork will be elevated in the frame that you chose for it. Our team is comprised of experienced craftsman who are skilled in other trades as well as framing. We have a painter, stained glass artist, furniture maker and photographer. Read More →