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Conservation Custom Framing in Toronto

What is conservation framing?

Conservation framing, also known as archival farming, is to use methods and materials that ensure the object being framed is protected from harmful environmental factors, while not compromising its conditions or integrity. Only reversible methods of mounting or hinging are used.

What are your options?

FrameMakers offers the highest level of conservation framing. Our experts are trained in handling art with the utmost attention and care.

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“Candidates” for archival or conservation framing

The following are projects that are recommended for archival framing.  They include:  Artwork, documents, historical photographs, collectables, items of sentimental value all need conservation framing, to preserve them for future generations.


What environmental factors are harmful to artwork?

There are four primary factors including light, heat and humidity, moisture, dirt and dust. The following is a brief summary.


Any amount of light is damaging to artwork over time. UV-rays from natural AND fluorescent light sources will cause colours to fade. Over time a chemical reaction will cause paper to break down and become brittle.

Heat and Humidity

Warm and moist conditions will invite the growth of mold and bacteria. Framed artwork should be kept away from sources of heat or water.


If the artwork is subjected to radical changes in temperature or humidity, moisture in the form of condensation can collect inside the frame. Therefore glass should never touch the artwork.

Dirt and Dust

Pollution combined with moisture in the environment can form acids that will cause damage to works on paper.

gold-frame-embroidery-framemakersElements of Conservation Framing.

There are four elements in conservation framing: glass, matting, mounting and hinging, and backing.


UV filtered glass is essential in conservation. It is also available with anti-reflection coating to reduce glare and provide clarity for the viewer.


The best and proven choice in conservation framing is 100% acid-free cotton ragboard.

Mounting and Hinging

The artwork should be hinged with acid-free free hinges such as Japanese paper and rice starch. The quality must be sufficient to adequately support the weight of the artwork. Any mounting or hinging method should be reversible and not cause discolouration to the artwork over time.

Backing Boards

All backing boards used should be acid-free and archival as well as stable and rigid.

TIP: Artwork should never be mounted directly to the backing board.

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