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Get perfect clarity with anti-reflection glass.

Glass Choices For Your Framing Needs

FrameMakers offers all types of glass available on the market today. Please feel free to ask our experts which glass type is most suitable for your work and environment.

The Best Option: Museum Glass

Museum glass provides the highest quality in protection and clarity. Key features include:  99% UV filter and perfect clarity with anti-reflection.

Anti-Reflection Glass

The UV filters range from 65-97% depending on manufacturer. The higher the percentage the better. Anti-reflection will ensure perfect clarity.

Conservation Clear

It provides 99% UV filter. Note: there is no reflection control.

Conservation Non-glare

It provides 99% UV filter, however, the etched glass reduces glare but has a cloudy look.

Regular Glass

It only provides 46% natural UV rejection and there is no reflection control.

Acrylic / Plexi-glass

If safety, breakage, weight or size are a concern, Acrylite Acrylic (Plexi) is an option. Acrylic is available in regular, UV filtered and anti-reflection varieties.

Acrylic does not condensate (like glass) and can therefore be placed directly on the artwork. However, it scratches easily and requires a special cleaner to prevent it from becoming cloudy.

Upgrade the Glass in Your Existing Frames

Consider replacing the glass on your currently framed pieces. Illuminate your artwork and extend its life, upgrade to a UV filtered glass with anti-reflection.

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Over 4,000 frame samples. Unlimited custom designs and framing solutions.

“Museum” or conservation framing ensures that all materials used in the process are acid-free (PH neutral).