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Mat Types, Styles and Tools – Options for your Artwork

mats-fanned-colours-long-framemakersTypes of Mats

Matting and mounting are two key elements in conservation framing.

FrameMakers carries all mat qualities up to and including museum conservation materials, known as a rag-mats. Mat types include:

Rag Mat mat boards are made from strong cotton fibers which are naturally acid-free. It is the best conservation option and environmentally friendly.

Acid-free paper mats meet conservation standards and are typically the second choice for conservation.

White core is partially acid-free and the mat itself will not discolour over time. The acid in a mat overtime will discolour the artwork, where it is touching. The mat will remain white and be visible at the bevel.

Regular mats are the inexpensive option and the bevel will discolour to a newspaper-like (gold/brownish) colour over time.

Mat Thicknesses

Mats are available in a variety of thicknesses: 2 ply, 4 ply, and 8 ply. They can be built up to be thicker; frequently this technique is used for larger images.

Mat Styles – Finishes, Cut-outs, and More


Your fabric options include silk, linen, and suede in a variety of colours.  We can create a custom covered mat covered with any fabric of your choice. These wrapped mats can also be embossed.

We can create a custom designed mat with multiple cut-outs, stacked, spaced apart mats and more.  The possibilities are endless.


H2. Computerized Mat cutter – Precision and fast turnaround time

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cutting1_lg cutting2_lg cutting3_lg

For the most precise line, shape, or multiple cut-outs, a computerized mat cutter delivers superior quality.

High Volume Mats

If it is volume pricing and quick turnaround you are looking for, we can help. Our cutter enables us to cut perfect mats in any quantity. Whether it is single or double mats, with or without v-groves or any intricate design, we can cut it. Request a quote for your next job.

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Tip: Framing Photos

To allow the composition to flow, sometimes a mat will be required when framing photos.

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Over 4,000 frame samples. Unlimited custom designs and framing solutions.