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Guitar in Acrylic Plexi Box


We had the treat to frame a real relic. A client came to us with probably the most exciting gift idea for her son who is a music lover. She wanted to frame his two signed guitars by Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger!

The challenge: How to display these guitars while showing as much of the detail as possible.

fabric-covered-mat-plexi-box-guitar-mik-jagger-acrylic-framemakersThe solution: We decided to display them in acrylic Plexi boxes with a wrapped black velvet backing. This allowed us to creatively display these guitars and show as much of them as possible. With the black velvet backing, the guitars really took to the spotlight, becoming the successful focal point we were aiming for.

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Over 4,000 frame samples. Unlimited custom designs and framing solutions.

“Museum” or conservation framing ensures that all materials used in the process are acid-free (PH neutral).