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Mats create breathing space between the image and frame.

Mats and Liners – Custom Framing Options

conservation-gold-frame-painting-framemakersWhen should you use a mat?

Mats are used in framing things like artwork, documents, photos and more.

When mounting is not an option to maintain the integrity of the artwork, matting is a great solution for holding it in place within the frame.

When to choose a mat over a liner

MAT:  If you use a mat you must also use glass. Much like some images that require glass, mats require glass to protect them as well.

LINER:  A liner is a wood profile covered with fabric which is typically made of linen but can be custom covered in any fabric. It is used like a mat and placed around the image. It is ideal to use a liner for artwork that does not require glass like oil paintings on canvas, wood or tiles. Liners are typically used for aesthetic purposes.

Practical Benefits of a Mat

Mats were created to keep the glass from direct contact with the artwork such paintings, photographs, and documents. (Glass condensates and the moisture would seep directly into the artwork/paper, causing irreparable damage). Mats are available in a variety of qualities from regular mats to museum quality archival cotton rag mats.

They also increase the overall finished size of the image.

Aesthetic Benefits of a Mat

The mat will create breathing (visual) space between the image and the frame, increasing to overall size of the piece.

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“Museum” or conservation framing ensures that all materials used in the process are acid-free (PH neutral).