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5 Reasons to Custom Frame your Mirrors!


We’ve all gone through a version of this, looked for that very specific, 4.5” wide, red lacquered mirror in exactly 24.5”x63” size. Ok possibly not that combination, but you can see where I’m coming from. There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting 5 full days of shopping only to find your near perfect mirror in the wrong size.


Then out of sheer curiosity (or a skeptical acceptance of a referral from a friend), you end up at a framing shop only to realize that building a mirror from scratch is a heck of a lot easier than you originally thought.

So why come to a custom framer?


1. Your space is a tricky one to fit:

custom-mirror-collage-selection-framemakers-internationalYour irregular space allows only for an irregular sized mirror. Sometimes, after installing the countertop and the beautiful (and very high) brushed metal faucet, you are left with a differently sized space than originally anticipating. When you custom frame your mirror, you start with matching the outside dimensions exactly to fit your space, then you work backwards and find the moulding that suits your style.






2. The colour you are looking for isn’t readily available in stores:red-custom-moulding-mirror-framemakers-international

The exact shade of red moulding you are looking for is very hard to find. You’ve spent all of this time planning out what your newly renovated space should look like. Now you need that accent piece mirror to complete it. Unfortunately, that 4.5” wide cherry red lacquered moulding you had your mind set on is nearly impossible to find in stores. When you come to your framer, after discussing outside dimensions, the next step is to select your moulding. You look through a few options at the convenient location of the table right in front of you and choose which suits your style the best. If the exact idea isn’t possible, custom adjustments can be made in order to fulfill your goal.


3. Nearly all the frames you are finding are too deep:

deep-gold-moulding-custom-framemakers-internationalNot only is your tap higher than you though, it’s also a lot closer to the wall than you thought. Lucky for you, framers can almost always rip down the depth of a moulding so that it isn’t quite as deep, depending on the moulding in question. For those extremely narrow spaces, there are some very flat mouldings that can be adhered around a mirror to the wall. Basically, if you are faced with an irregular problem, your framer can help you come to a solution.


 4. You are 100% set on a bevel:

What if you somehow find that mirror? Right size, right colour and right depth (in a perfect world)? BUT, the mirror doesn’t have a bevel. You needed that bevel to fit your design, it was the perfect way to add a bit more interest to your flat profile. What do you do? Luckily, mirror’s come in different options. Bevels come in different sizes or you can choose to not have one at all. It’s an aesthetic choice that you make to suit your space.


5. You need a stress free way to finish up your bathroom:

Renovations can be frustrating, things rarely go by the original plan. When you custom frame a mirror, you are given the creative and practical freedom to fit a space in the exact way you pictured it. Avoid the wasted time and the headaches, visit your custom framer for the help you need. FrameMakers has over 4000 frame samples to choose from and experienced experts to help you through the process. You will finish the process feeling like you have cheated time. Now go play a round of golf with the time you have saved!


Don’t settle! Custom design to your specs, we can help!

Did you know that FrameMakers was featured on CityLine with Brian Gluckstein about our custom mirrors?

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