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Sometimes subtle design can go a long way in displaying your artwork!

How we framed powerhouse photographer Norman Seeff’s photographs.


If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of Elte Carpets, it is an absolute treat. When we were approached by the design store giant, we were excited to say the least. website host information . THEN when they told us that we’d be framing a series of photographs by Norman Seeff we were literally jumping out of our seats to get started.


Seeff is a celebrity photographer. He’s worked with everyone from Steve Jobs,The Eagles and The Rolling Stones.  He captured such iconic images as Tina Turner, dancing in her wonderfully eccentric way and Ray Charles, singing away at the piano with the keys reflecting in his sunglasses. website statistics He is a legend and working with his photographs was an absolute honour.


Some of the photographs were big, and I mean big. Some were as big as 39” x 96” which is a challenge in its own right. We had to find a way to accentuate the images without overshadowing them. Minimal was the name of the game. We chose a thick black Italian moulding and hinged (or floated) them over a mat to show 100% of the paper. By giving them just the right amount of “breathing” space between the frame and the image, the photographs came to life. Sometimes a subtle design is all an image needs.



Once we completed our framing, off the images went to be installed at Elte. As we walked to up to the second floor to visit the work, we were completely blown away with the impact that these photographs have on such long walls. They were installed in a large open room with enough space to really see them from a distance as well as up close to examine the finer details.


So the next time you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, head on over to Elte to see the work of Norman Seeff. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the cafe on the way out, the pulled pork sandwich on a multigrain ciabatta bun and latte is fantastic.


Enjoy your browsing and remember, a subtle design can sometimes go a long way in displaying your artwork!

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